Schiehallion (1083 m/3553 ft), August 2009

Eddie and Trevor


Passing through the gate at the end of Braes of Foss car park.
Image: Gate at end of Braes of Foss car park

Setting off - path at the start of the route.
Image: Path at start of route

Crossing a small footbridge. The lower slopes of Schiehallion leading onto the East ridge are in the background with the summit off photo to the right.
Image: Footbridge

Looking towards Schiehallion at the start of the walk.
Image: Schiehallion

Schiehallion again - taken a little further along the path than the photo above.
Image: Schiehallion

Schiehallion (left) and Croc nan Aighean (right).
Image: Schiehallion and Croc nan Aighean

The path soon turns towards Schiehallion and the remains of an old building are passed.
Image: The path turns towards Schiehallion

Start of the zig-zag path on the lower slopes of Schiehallon. Looking back as we start to gain height.
Image: On the zig-zag path up the mountain, looking back down

Looking back down along the zig-zag track (taken from a little higher up than the previous photo0.
Image: Zig-zag path

A 'seating area' is passed.
Image: Seating area

The path ahead disappears over the mountain side.
Image: Path ahead

Path forward - somewhere up the mountain.
Image: Path ahead 2
Image: Path ahead 3

The East ridge, broad at first - once gained, the gradient eases. The boulder field leading to Schiehallion's summit (right of centre) is seen ahead.
Image: On Schiehallion's East ridge

On the boulder field looking towards Schiehallion's summit (behind the 'false' summit) - a few moderately steep, though not prolonged, sections are yet to come before the summit is reached.
Image: On the boulder field

On the summit (summit cairn sits slightly up and to the left).
Image: summit
Image: summit

Coming off: the view along the East ridge during descent, after leaving the boulder field.
Image: View back along East ridge during descent

An excellent, enjoyable walk on Scotland's 59th highest Munro (even with the lack of view from the summit, a few gusts of strong wind and rain for much of the descent) which took us a little under 4 hrs to complete (excluding about 25 mins. of non-walking time).