The Cobbler (Ben Arthur), Nov. 2008

Didn't summit due to deteriorating conditions

Duncan and Trevor


Walk-in Photos:

Start of the walk - after crossing the A83 from Succoth (W) car park.
Image: Start of walk

View back from the top of the first short section of the walk-in. Loch Long and a white-topped Ben Lomond in the background (photo © Duncan).
Image: First section of walk-in

At the top of the first section of the walk, a Forrestry Track is followed for a few 10s of yards.
Image: Forrestry Track

Turning right off the Forrestry Track.
Image: Right off Forrestry Track

Beinn Narnain soon comes into view.
Image: First view of Beinn Narnain

After a short upwards pull, we emerged from the forrest area onto a more level path on the open 'hillside' and a first view of The Cobbler is gained (Lower with zoom).
Image: First view of The Cobbler
Image: First view of The Cobbler (with zoom)

Gaining height - view back down the Allt a' Bhalachain path with Ben Lomond in the centre background.
Image: Looking back - Ben Lomand

Allt a' Bhalachain weir.
Image: Weir
© 2008 Duncan

View forward along the Allt a' Bhalachain path with Beinn Narnain ahead (upper) and Beinn Narnain to the right (lower).
Image: Looking forward - Beinn Narnain
Image: Looking right - Beinn Narnain

The Cobbler gets closer.
Image: The Cobbler

Just over an hour into the walk, Duncan and I approach the Narnain Boulders.
Image: Narnain Boulders 1
Image: Narnain Boulders 2

Sheltering under the first Narnain Boulder. A bite to eat .. and where's layer 3 fleece?
Image: Narnain Boulder shelter

Shortly after passing the Narnain Boulders, the path forks. The right fork leads towards Bealach a' Mhaim; a high col from which The Cobbler, Beinn Ime or Beinn Narnain can be scaled. The left fork leads to the SE face of The Cobbler.
Image: Fork in path after the Narnain Boulders

The left fork leading to the SE face of The Cobbler, which we took.
Image: Left fork in path towards SE face of The Cobbler

Start of 'a scramble route' up The Cobbler from the south. So up we went ... and, after some tens of mins of (wet and snowy) scrambling about, we came back down. For another day ...
Image: Scramble route ahead

Duncan took this photo after coming back down from the scramble. Our intended destination was the pronounced dip on the skyline - right of centre in the photo. A fine 'rock'!
Image: A fine rock

After coming back down from the scramble route, we returned to the fork and headed for Bealach a' Mhaim.
Image: Approaching Bealach a' Mhaim
© 2008 Duncan.

In the Bealach, we started up towards The Cobbler on the stepped approach from the NE. The weather and views, however, began to deteriorate, so we turned towards Beinn Ime to try its gentle slopes and see if conditions would improve. But, with blizzards forecast, clouds started coming in from all directions, the wind increased and heavy snow began making the going tough. So, with no views deemed to be had and crampons and winter boots back in the car, we turned back around 1.30 p.m, only to be met by glorious weather half way down the Allt a' Bhalachain path and the sight of people [presumably] enjoying the [fine] views from the top of the fine rock on glancing back. That would be Scottish Nov. weather.
Image: Bealach a' Mhaim - Beinn Ime ahead
In the Bealach - looking towards Beinn Ime with its summit in cloud, © Duncan.

Photos copyright © 2008, Trev and Duncan.

Notes: NE face (revisit) + summit to be done. First visit notes below:

The Cobbler (Ben Arthur) - mid. Oct. 08
Not may photos were taken on this, my first, visit to Ben Arthur, owing to the conditions. A few photos are shown below (click for larger version): left - Loch Long at start; centre - northern peak of Ben Arthur viewed from col; right - central peak approach viewed from col (Andy is just visible coming off - right, centre).

  Loch Long    NP approach track    CP approach track

Scrambled steeply through forestation at start, in wet conditions. Squelched upwards through bog in heavy, persistent rain. Gained the col between the North & Central peaks of The Cobbler from the North, up the well-made stepped approach route from Bealach a' Mhaim . No views. Turned round and descended via the Allt a' Bhalachain path to join the relatively new path which zig-zags through the forest to the Succoth (W) car park.