Scafell Pike (978 m/3209 ft) and Scafell (964 m/3162 ft), June 2008

Anthony, Dave and Trevor


Setting off.
Image: The start up

Entering the valley between Lingmell (left) and the Scafells.
Image: Looking ahead there is some mist

The Brown Tongue route up towards Hollow Stones.
Image: Brown Tongue route

Looking back down at Waswater - a long way still to go.

Gaining height.
Image: Higher up the Brown Tongue route

Scafell crags coming into view - high humidity makes the upward push tiring.
Image: Scafell crags coming into view

Somewhere up the mountain.
A mountain view

The 'tourist track' to Scafell Pike - viewed from the way up to Mickeldore.
Image: Pike tourist route

Mickeldore ahead.
Image: Mickeldore ahead

The scree run approach to Mickeldore (Wasdale side).
Image: Scree approach to Mickeldore

Scrambling in one of two gullys gains Mickeldore. The left gully is clearly visible; the right gully can just be made out - I went up the left.
Image: Final scramble to gain Mickeldore ahead

Looking back down along Mickedore on the way to The Pike - Broadstand at the end.
Image: Mickeldore

Heading up towards The Pike from Mickeldore.
Image: Route from Mickeldore to the Pike

Dave and Anthony took this pic having gained the Pike's summit. I didn't miss any great views on this occasion.
Image: Pike summit - in mist

Looking left towards a gully from the boulder field on the Eskdale side of Mickeldore.
Image: A gully on Eskdale side of Mickeldore - on the left during decent

Looking right towards Foxes Tarn gully from the boulder field on the Eskdale side of Mickeldore.
Image: View of Foxes Tarn gully from boulder field on the Eskdale side of Mickeldore

In Foxes Tarn gully - an upward scramble over some large, slightly wet rocks.
Image: In Foxes Tarn gully

Consulting map/routes (do we go up the Foxes Tarn 'path', or follow a different line straight ahead from the gully?) in the corrie of Foxes Tarn at the top of the gully - getting slightly misty.
Image: Top of Foxes Tarn gully

"Hauling" up the (steep) Foxes Tarn 'path' towards Scafell - Foxes Tarn below.
Image: Final push upwards on the Foxes Tarn route

Coming off Scafell via the Green How track (with toes jammed against the front of our boots).
Image: Track off Scafell
Image: Track off Scafell

Looking towards Scafell Pike (left) and Scafell (right) with Mickeldore in between at the end of the walk.
Image: The Scafells

Notes: Anthony and Dave reached Scafell Pike summit (I didn't go up The Pike on this ocassion). The whole party got onto Scafell, but missed the summit cairn. So, I'll be going back to do both again - probably via Lingmell ridge and Lingmell col for the Pike. Hard work on England's two highest mountains, but great views and good scambling in the Mickeldore and Foxes Tarn gullies.

Photos copyright © 2008, Trev, Anthony and Dave.