Helvellyn (950 m/3117 ft), Sept 2008

Anthony (for part of the route), Dave and Trevor


Leaving Swirls car park.
Image: By the gate out of Swirls car park

One of two footbridges which need to be crossed at the start of the walk.
Image: Footbridge

Gaining height (Thirlmere in the centre).
Image: View across to Thirlmere from the lower slopes

Another view down to Thirlmere taken from slightly higher up than the previous photo.
Image: Thirlmere

Browncove Crags ahead - the path steepens (considerably) as it strikes up the crags (top, right of centre), skirting their top.
Browncove Crags ahead

On Browncove Crags path.
Browncove Crags path

After the steep ascent of Browncove Crags, the track levels off as Helvellyn summit is approached.
Image: Helvellyn summit approach

Swirral edge and Catstye Cam (left).
Image: Catstye Cam from Helvellyn summit plateau

Catstye Cam (centre) viewed from Helvellyn summit plateau.
Image: Catstye Cam from Helvellyn summit plateau

Helvellyn summit plateau trig. point.
Image: summit trig. point

Red Tarn below.
Image: Red Tarn

Striding Edge viewed from Helvellyn summit plateau.
Image: Striding Edge from Helvellyn summit plateau

The (excellent) Helvellyn summit shelter. Time for a quick bite to eat, out of the wind, before starting the descent.
Image: Summit shelter

Coming off Photo 1: Though not as prolonged a steep gradient as our ascent route, the Birk Side path is moderately steep in places.
Image: A steep section of the Birk Side path

Coming off Photo 2: Looking back - beside gill after negotiating Comb Crags.
Image: Beside gill on descent

Coming off Photos 3 & 4: Looking down towards Thirlmere during descent.
Image: View towards Thirlmere during descent
Image: View towards Thirlmere during descent

Notes: A short ascent/descent route on England's 3rd highest mountain which took us 3.5 hours to complete, inclusive of a couple of 5 min. reclothing/rest breaks/chats with other climbers and with approximately 20 mins. being spent on Helvellyn summit. Hot and humid on the lower slopes, the temperature dropped considerably as the summit was approached on this late September climb. A hat was felt necessary near the summit and gloves borderline. While the going was tough on the moderately windy, steep ascent of Browncove Crags, good visibilty and dry conditions made this an enjoyable, albeit strenuous, in places, outing.

Photos copyright © 2008, Trev and Dave.